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Q: My child is 16. Do you think the concepts will be too easy since the youngest age is 9?

A: No! We split the camp into two sessions. With this split, we put younger children in one group and older children in a second group. We tailor the curriculum to how well the entire group is picking up the information. We will slow down the curriculum so the camper leaves with basic information rather than rushing through to get to an advanced level. We will also recognize campers that can take it to the next level and will encourage them to break out of the structure and be creative. 

Q: I waited too long to sign up and now I see the classes are all full! Will you add more classes?

A: Likely! If you notice the camps are all full and you are still interested, please email to be put on a waiting list. Classes will be added subject to demand and Tracy and Jennifer’s schedule.

Q: These concepts sound pretty advanced for my nine-year-old. Words like “aperture” and “ISO compensation” might be a bit much for them.

A: Test classes were done prior to this camp and Tracy and Jennifer were very excited to see how well the children, even the young nine-year-olds, picked up on the concepts taught! We have also been successful for two summers teaching more than 160 campers who have continued their skills even after class. The class ratio will never exceed fifteen children to one instructor (plus an assistant). Smaller class sizes allow the instructors to ensure all children understand one concept before moving on to another.

Q. What is the Adobe Suite/Adobe Creative Cloud?

A.  From blank page to brilliant design—The suite or creative cloud is a collection of world-class design apps that give you everything you need to make anything you can dream up. Design logos, posters, brochures, ads, photo editing, video, and more. Combine images to make incredible artwork. And use our mobile apps to sketch, draw, and create layouts wherever you’re inspired. At Camp Pixel we work with the Photoshop app to design multiple creative projects. 


Q. Do I need to purchase the subscription to a full year of the Adobe Suite/Creative Cloud?

A. No! Since this camp teaches the Adobe Creative Cloud app Photoshop, each laptop much be pre-loaded with the Creative Cloud program before class. Adobe offers a free trial for 7 days. Here is the link to the Creative Cloud free trial: (NOTE: The trial is only for ONE week. Do not load this too early or you will need to re-register with a different email address to get another free trial.

Q: I don’t have a DSLR Camera. What should I do?

A: Depending on which week(s) you attend, you will either need a DSLR camera, or a more simplistic digital camera. If you are registering for the "Technical" photography class, you need a DSLR camera. If you are registering for the "Creative" photography class, any digital camera will work. A digital camera is any camera that does not use film and instead renders a digital image on a screen for immediate feedback. Even camera phones count! A DSLR camera is a bit more complicated and typically has more settings and interchangeable lenses. If you have any questions about what your camera is, please do not hesitate to contact

Q. I have two children attending camp. Do I need two separate cameras and two separate computers?

A. No! We split the classes into two sessions—Photography for a half session and Graphic Design for the other half session. We can assign your children to participate in separate sessions therefore sharing equipment. Because the class is so hands on, we do not recommend campers share equipment during each session. Therefore, if you have three or more campers, you need to ensure your family has two or more cameras and computers.

Q. I have a Chromebook/tablet and an iPad, can my camper use one of these for the graphic design portion?

A. Unfortunately not! The Adobe Suite must be pre-loaded to the computer before camp. A tablet and/or iPad is not compatible to this software. Also, please note that each laptop computer must have wi-fi connection, a USB port, and a video card. An iPad, Chromebook or other type of tablet is not sufficient.

If your computer does not have a USB port and additional adapter can be purchased at a local electronics store.