Here are a few things our campers have to say about their camp experiences. We hope you are inspired to join us this summer!

Happy Campers

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"My name is Lexie. This week at camp I learned how to take great pictures and how to make my own notepad and cupcake toppers for my next birthday party!!!! I thought this camp was going to be hard to do graphic design and I had only took pictures on my phone.

I would definitely tell a friend to come to this camp. This camp is the best camp I had ever done in my entire life!!! I will be looking forward to Camp Pixel Project next year!"

— Lexie, 2016


"Camp Pixel is an incredible experience! I have always enjoyed taking picture but I never knew how much I could do with the camera. If someone had  come up to me a week ago  and asked me what aperture was, I would of looked at them with  a blank face. ( lol ) Now I get to go home and tell my parents all about what I have learned, plus I get to use some fun vocabulary. This camp is a great way to explore and grow in your love for photography. Also you can take some pretty cool pictures similar to what you might find in magazines.

Camp Pixel also has a graphic design program. When I first heard of  graphic design I wasn’t really sure what it was or how it related to photography. If  I ever needed a picture for a project I just grabbed it off the internet and put it in powerpoint – Bam…done.  Camp Pixel taught me about how pixels in the pictures work, and how it can effect your picture and image. I really liked that the camp started with some simple projects and worked our way up to bigger ones.  I highly recommend Camp Pixel to kids of all ages its a great program and I can’t wait to sign up for Camp Pixel Club in the fall. Thank you Ms. Tracey & Ms. Jennifer for a fun week!"

— Maggie, 2016


"Hey, My name is Jack! Before I came to camp pixel I had no experience with a professional Camera or a Photoshop Program, now I know more than most people in the world on these skills!

I have surprised my self at the pictures I have been taking! Mrs Tracy has been teaching us about every thing from shudder speed to how to swap out the lens on a camera. My Mom has been jealous of the skills that me and my sister have been learning! 

I looked forward to every day of camp this week! Mrs. Tracy and Mrs. Jennifer have been so supportive when I struggle and encouraging when I succeed!  I will definitely recommend
this camp to my friends!"

— Jack, 2016


"When I  got to camp pixel I thought we would stay outside the whole time. When I realized this was a fun and interesting camp I was excited to go here every day. It’s fun trying out your design and seeing it all come together afterwords. Photography is so cool getting to learn about all the different AMAZING stuff you can do. It’s even better when the teachers are great too and everybody is in to it. My favorite part at camp pixel is that once I get home I can claim I know more about graphic design and photography then my siblings and mom."

— Rory, 2016


"I’ve always had a love of photography. But if I’m being completely honest with you, I came to Camp Pixel the first day with just your basic point and shoot skills. It was really cool to see how I could use my own creativity to take pictures and show other people how I see the world.

I also had a lot of fun in the graphic design class. I loved seeing how we could use Adobe Photoshop to create different logos and graphics as well as use it to completely change our pictures into something brand new.

Mrs. Tracy and Mrs. Jennifer were amazing teachers. They were so patient and kind when they were explaining to us what to do and showing us how to do it. Mrs. Jennifer is so funny and has rad dance moves! And Mrs. Tracy is great at giving advice and helping critique your pictures. They’re both awesome!

I would definitely recommend Camp Pixel Project. It’s lots of fun and you learn so much!"

— Rebecca, 2017

Camp-Pixel-Project-The-Woodlands-Summer-Camps-Danny-5358 copy.jpg

"Camp Pixel Project was awesome! I loved making a name tag and note pad and taking pictures of everyone. We got to learn about shutter speed and F-stop. There was also an underwater photographer and if you wanted to, you could ride a scooter or a skateboard or you could take a picture of the people riding the scooter or skateboard. It was so cool. We got to blow bubbles and you could take pictures of the people blowing the bubbles. It was so much fun! I also saw ghosts at Camp Pixel. I would definitely recommend going to camp. It was such a fun experience! You should go and have a great time!"

— danny, 2017

Camp-Pixel-Project-The-Woodlands-Summer-Camps-Madison-5341 copy.jpg

"Hi my name is Madison. My favorite thing at camp was all the cool tricks that we learned. In photography, we learned how to change lenses, the basic features of our camera and what there used for, F-stop, and shutter speed. We also used props like scooters, skate boards, and bubbles. We also had some girls that knew how to do back flips so we got cool pictures of them flipping! In Graphic Design we used Adobe Photoshop to create an awesome notepad! We also created name tags that turned out great! And an underwater photographer came, don’t believe me come to camp pixel!  Mrs. Tracy and Mrs. Jennifer were great teachers! I can’t wait to take pictures on the beach!!"

— Madison, 2017