Camp Pixel Project is designed for children aged 9-17 and is located in The Woodlands. Campers will learn both photography  +  graphic design. Each summer camp is divided into two tracks—creative + technical. Each camper will participate in both graphic design and photography each day of camp.  

Depending on the week that campers attend, they will either learn the technical aspects of photography, such as the principles of "ISO," and "aperture," or some of the
creative/composition aspects of photography, such as using "negative space," and "rule of thirds." Campers will use their cameras to apply those principles through various hands-on activities, games, and photo scavenger hunts. 

In the graphic design classes, campers will learn important design concepts such as “vector” and “raster,” while utilizing and maneuvering the Adobe Creative Suite product Photoshop. Campers will work on various graphic design projects, such as personalized stationery, font study, and custom paper.

Campers will finish the week excited and inspired to creatively pursue both photography and graphic design!


Camp Pixel Project is designed for children ages 9-17 located in The Woodlands. Summer camps are divided and instruction is differentiated between the older and younger campers.


Each summer camp is set up in daily mini sessions of 3.5 hours with a maximum of 20/30 campers. The camp is then divided into two smaller groups (maximum 10/15 campers per group), which are led by one instructor plus an assistant. Group one is photography while group two is graphic design. Small camper to instructor ratios will ensure each camper is given a lot of time and attention. After a 20 minute break, the two groups will switch. We have designed summer camp so that each attendee will receive hands on training for both photography + graphic design each day. The projects are designed to enhance the other creative profession, just like in real life. Each attendee will create their own printed products and display their favorite photography by the end of each weekly session.



"I’ve heard the statistic that every two minutes, we take more pictures than the whole of humanity in the 1800s. This makes sense, as when I was a kid, photography was an expensive hobby! The cost of developing and buying film was not cheap. Kids these days are lucky, as cameras are everywhere, and they have so many opportunities to pursue photography as a profession, as a hobby, and as a passion... Read More  →



"I’ve often been asked, “What is Graphic Design?” Graphic Designer. Visual Communicator. Visual Designer. Communications Artist…lots of fancy names for my career choice of Fine Arts. I’ve always thought I should use the title of Miracle Worker, Deadline Wizard, or Mind Reader but in the end I am a graphic designer who loves to communicate a message through design. It brings me joy to be able to teach my craft to kids... Read More  →



When Tracy’s middle daughter Kaylee told her she wanted to take a photography class, Tracy promised her “one day soon” she would get a lesson. Being the busy working mom of five that she is, that “some day” never quite materialized, yet the thought that she needed to find a way and the time to teach her own kids photography was always in the back of her mind. When Tracy finally took the time to sit down and write a curriculum for a photography class , she realized she should be teaching more than just her own children, as she found there was a real lack of art classes in The Woodlands.

While Jennifer was the Art Director at Louisiana State University she often partnered with the department of Continuing Education to teach the Adobe Suite to adults. That is when she realized she really enjoyed getting out from behind the computer and teaching design skills to others. After moving to The Woodlands, Jennifer began to allow her daughter’s friends to create fun projects on her computer during sleepovers. Seeing how excited the girls became watching their design projects come to life is what encouraged Jennifer to start testing concepts with children and her 2nd grade Brownie Troop.

Fast forward to March of 2016 when Tracy heard from a mutual friend that a local graphic designer had done some informal kid’s graphic design classes so her daughter’s Brownie troop could earn their computer badge. On a whim, Tracy contacted Jennifer (having never actually met her face to face) and asked if she wanted to chat about creating a combination graphic design/photography class for kids. Jennifer couldn’t believe how the stars were aligning because she knew her classes needed photography so that the campers could have a well-rounded experience in the world of visual design.

Needless to say, after their first conversation the excitement of this becoming a reality for the two couldn’t be contained. Within a week they were testing a real-life mini camp on their own children.

They started with a small test class to see if they could get complicated concepts like “aperture” and “pixelization” across to kids. Those kids caught on faster than either of them could imagine. The two of them met for more creative pow-wows. When you get two creatives together who are passionate about their craft and their kids, the two worlds collide into Camp Pixel Project!

Tracy and Jennifer are excited to teach future photographers and designers a skill they will enjoy and possibly learn to love as a profession.

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